Personal Responsibility of Manifesting Generator

The energy we are really controlled by private responsibility and our own development. The more responsible we become for our individualized existences the more we evolve along with the increased access we have to our capability to create and manifest all that we need.

Manifesting Generator

There are security protocols built into our being that do not allow accessibility to our power until we are ready to use it beneficially.  It is been clearly demonstrated over time what happens to people who have greater access to their own electricity. They will eventually destroy themselves, drunken and disillusioned on a top that leads nowhere.

 On an uncontrollable search to get to the top, they forget that the shirt only leads down. Of course most of us determine what the best is. If we are ground bond with our limited thinking then all of the additional power takes us into the end much quicker.

The power of the founder is not limited to this world, our power is boundless. So if we are considering racing a Ferrari at a shopping mall parking lot, it can have just dire consequences. Maturity and responsibility are crucial ingredients in utilizing power. Of the six billion people in the world, there are very few who will even recognize a minuscule experience of their own electricity.

Because we believe as a physical being and consider the larger part of manifesting generator who we are, we dismiss soul or at best we pass this consciousness and off its consequences to faith. Because humanity is inherently aware of the element of self and it is amazing ramifications, he restricts himself spiritually, from fear. It might be likened to having a nuclear bomb in your cellar that is big enough to destroy the whole planet. The responsibility for getting this devise would be overwhelming for many of us. So rather than creating new worlds, we settle for just trying to live in this one and we are fearful of our own power and what we are capable of.

The potential for human expansion is overwhelming when one ceases to think about it. We all have many diverse powers yet undeveloped that may be utilized for the sake of man rather than its destruction. But we are not developing them. The truth is there are many who deny that they even exist regardless of the evidence to the contrary.

What we do not know, we fear or deny and what we deny cannot be. We have to accept the probability of any event before we can start to develop or produce it. Mankind has clearly proven that he has the capacity to reach beyond his current conditions.